Sawdust for Sale

5 Jul

“We are selling 60-100lb bags of wood shavings from the use of our wood lathe. We have over 30 bags available and are selling them for $5 a piece. Please contact us if you are interested.”

Unless you are caring for a legion of hamsters, I don’t understand why anyone would want a bag of sawdust. What confuses me more, is that while creating sawdust, these people had the idea to collect it into several bags. This is absurd. It’s sawdust!

If they can sell bags of sawdust, I might consider scooping up some fall leaves this year and selling bags of foliage. Great for wedding centerpieces. Maybe I could sweep up the litter my cats track all over the carpet, label it “re-purposed” and sell it as crafting material.


One Response to “Sawdust for Sale”

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